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QX Call T&C

QXCall - Cheap International Call

Terms and conditions

Act means the Telecommunications Act 2003  and includes any amendments to the Act that may be made from time to time.

QX Telecom means QX Telecom Ltd. 
Customer means the person, partnership or company who uses services provided by QX Telecom's.
Service means the service or services requested by the Customer and to be provided to the Customer by QX Telecom.

Agreement means this agreement entered into by and between QX Telecom and the Customer and is subject to both the terms set out herein.

  1. By using QX Telecom website and QX Call services, you implied that you agree to our Terms and Conditions as described here.

  2. You may order QX Call service via this website, via mail order or via the telephone. If your order is accepted than QX Call provides international call services to you at the quoted rates which may change from time to time without notice. We reserve the right to  refuse an order without giving any reason. 

  3. Duration
    This Agreement shall come into full force and effect from the date of acceptance by QX Telecom as indicated overleaf unless terminated by either party giving the other not less than 7 days prior written notice or unless terminated by QX Telecom subject to Section 9 of this Agreement.

  4. Use of Service
    4.1  QX Telecom shall provide the Service to the Customer subject to the Agreement and subject to availability and shall exercise all due care in the provision and maintenance of the Service to provide high quality and reliability. 
    4.2  All information relating to the Customer collected by QX Telecom in the course of providing the Service shall remain confidential between the Customer and QX Telecom subject only to the permitted uses of that information under the Agreement or as may be required under the Act or any other regulations relating to the Service and except that QX Telecom at its sole discretion may use data about use of the Service by the Customer as part of any report or publication without revealing the identity of the Customer. 
    4.3  The Customer undertakes to use the Service in accordance with the conditions set out herein and such variations as may be notified in writing from time to time to the Customer by QX Telecom and in accordance with the Act or any other regulations relating to the Service.
    4.4  The Customer shall indemnify and hold harmless QX Telecom against all liabilities, claims, losses, damages or expenses arising directly or indirectly or in any way associated with any use of the Service by the Customer or provision of the Service by QX Telecom.
    4.5  The Customer shall not use or allow use of the Service in any manner or for any purpose unlawful or offensive.
    4.6  The Customer shall notify QX Telecom immediately upon becoming aware of any failure or malfunction in the Service. 
    4.7  QX Telecom shall correct any failure or malfunction in the Service as soon as is reasonably practicable.
    4.8  The customer recognises that the service is not guaranteed to be "continuous" and that there may be periods of time when the service is unavailable for operational or other reasons.

  5. Provision of Information
    5.1  The Customer undertakes to provide to QX Telecom free of charge and in full co-operation any information reasonably required by QX Telecom in order to fulfil its obligations under the Agreement.
    5.2  QX Telecom shall at its sole discretion use this information for any credit reference or debt collection purpose including disclosure to and use by its agent or agents acting on its behalf.

  6. Charges
    6.1  Call charges may change frequently, whereas the general trend is that they are decreasing, this is not guaranteed and call charges may change at any time without notice. Any price change shall be reflected on the price list published on QX Telecom Ltd website.
    6.2  The minimum deposit amount when opening an account is £10 and minimum topup amount is £10.
    6.3  Calls are billed per second but the total charge for a call is rounded up to the nearest minute and rounded up to the nearest penny.
    6.4  Call credits purchase by the customer will not expired. However, any account that is not used at all (i.e. dormant) for over 6 months shall be closed and all credits forfeited.

  7. Liability & Compensation
    7.1  If the service provided by QX Telecom is not available for any reason for a continuos period in excess of forty eight hours and a customer makes a request by telephone and confirms it in writing to QX Telecom during the period in which the service is unavailable, the customer shall be paid compensation in the amount of double the amount of rent which the customer has paid for the period when the service is unavailable.
    7.2  Under no circumstances shall the amount paid in compensation exceed the amount paid in rent by the customer. QX Telecom shall have no liability whatsoever to the Customer in contract, tort or otherwise, including any liability due to negligence for loss of goodwill, revenue, anticipated savings, profit or for any direct, indirect or consequential financial loss howsoever arising.

  8. Transactions information will be protected using SSL encryption and the credit card payment process system is provided by FirePay Ltd.  Your credit card bill will show that the transaction was initiated by QX Telecom Ltd.

  9. We will take all reasonable endeavour to ensure the information on the website is correct. However, we cannot accept liability for any errors and omissions and reserve the right to change information, specifications and descriptions of the products at any time.

  10. You agree that you will keep the account number and access information confidential and you will not hold us responsible for losses as a result of the disclosure of such information by you.

  11. You agree that all the details you provide to us are correct.  We reserve the right to forfeit any payment made to us and cancel the service if you knowingly provide false information to us.  We will retain your personal information only as long as necessary. We will not disclose your personal information to any third party without your consent other than :

  12. (a) any person working for us
    (b) any relevant payment system
    (c) any person to whom we propose to transfer any of our rights and/or responsibilities under any agreement we may have with you
    (d) comply with any legal or regulatory requirement
    (e) for anti-fraud purposes.

  13. Assignment

  14. QX Telecom shall have the right to assign, delegate or otherwise deal with their rights under the Agreement in part or in whole. The Customer shall not have the right to assign, delegate or otherwise deal with their rights under the Agreement in part or in whole

  15. These Terms and Conditions do not affect your Statutory Rights.

  16. Governing Law

  17. The Agreement shall be governed by and construed and interpreted in accordance with English Law and the parties hereby submit to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.